The use of natural resources to meet present needs can´t compromise the satisfaction of the needs of future generations.

Thinking about future generations is the vision of Açovisa. For this reason, the company has facilities designed to make better use of natural resources. Since 2008, has been awarded with the Guarulhos Environmental Seal. It is recognized for its social, environmental and sustainability projects. Also, participates in the UN Global Compact, negotiation based on ethical values ​​in the areas of human rights, labor relations, the environment and the fight against corruption.


AÇOVISA´s Day by Day:

- Recycling steel
- Reuse of rainwater
- Matrix installations were designed to provide better use of natural light
- Roofing Painting (White) – One Degree Les
- Partnership with cooperative for selective collection
- Use of vegetable oil in machines
- Our fleet of trucks uses Biodiesel as fuel.